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You're here because you want to learn the cutting edge developments in all Markets, including Stocks, Futures, Forex, and Crypto!

What is does it mean to "Master The Markets?"

The financial markets, which include Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, and even Crypto, are gateways to access the LARGEST pool of wealth on the planet. Period. And in the internet age, it is now accessible from literally anywhere you can take your mobile device.

With this unprecedented level of accessibility comes great danger and peril as well. We've all heard countless stories of people losing their life savings in the markets, causing irreparable damage to themselves and their families, yet there is no such thing as "traders anonymous" programs as there are for gamblers or alcoholics.

Most seminars and training programs exist to FEED and STRENGTHEN your temptations to "get rich quick" by dazzling you with big numbers and compelling sales pitches. At Mastering the Markets Live, we train you on the dangers of rushing your wealth building and illustrate when to go slow, when to put pedal to the metal and go super-fast, and when to stop altogether.

We will remove the "quick" in the infamous quote "get rich quick" and simply show you the PROVEN ways to achieve financial freedom.

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Learn from Investment Experts as they share their wisdom, answer your questions, and even demonstrate their trading expertise.

October 2022 Encore Recording


Words From Our Audience

-Anthony Stark Policci

What will you learn from Master The Markets?

 Industry SECRETS Wall Street doesn't want you to know


Create PASSIVE INCOME Day Trading Options

Introduction to Options, Forex, and Futures

Maximize TAX DEDUCTIONS as a Trader/Investor

How to STRUCTURE Your Investments to be TAX-FREE

How you can trade the same strategy yourself alongside real pros every day

Why Forex is the MOST SAFE and LUCRATIVE Asset Class 

The SIMPLEST & EASIEST Market Edge Strategy

We'll introduce you to THE RIGHT TEAM

Watch REAL PROFESSIONALS Trade LIVE inside the event room!

Watch and learn DIRECTLY from Rob Hoffman, WINNER of OVER 30 INTERNATIONAL Trading Competitions as he trades the live market before your very eyes!

Some of his achievements include:
Winner of Directa Live Trading Challenge - June 2019
Winner of IT Forum Live Trading Challenge - June 2019
Winner of International Traders Expo Challenge - Nov. 2016
(and many more...)

Catch Rob live on Thursday and Friday at 9:30AM EST (8:30AM local Dallas Time) as NY Session Opens

Listen and learn from his commentary in real-time

It's like being inside a professional athlete's mind as they compete!

Your Expert Team & Keynote Speakers

Rob Hoffman
30x Trading Champion
CEO of WealthCharts

CEO & Founder Wealth365 Summit - largest online investing/wealth summit in the world

30x domestic and international trading champion

Creator of WealthCharts, award-winning platform known for innovative algorithms, cutting edge strategies, and exemplary customer service.  

Published author for numerous financial publications

Darrell Martin
CEO of Apex Investing Institute 

Lead trader of Apex Investing, a trading community with 30,000 traders in over 150 countries

Known for helping traders execute entries and exits with precision and removing analysis paralysis in traders

Experience working with with retail traders, floor traders, and fund managers. 

Expert in discretionary day trades, algorithm based trades, and follow me trades and signals

Kelly Korshak
Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of iFlip

Former Portfolio Manager for Tudor Group, Brevan Howard, Deutche Bank, Morgan Stanley

Architect and leader for institutional algorithmically intelligent trading. 

Over 27 years of expertise as trader for CME and CBOT

Carolyn Boroden
Queen of Fibonacci

 40+ years of experience as technical analyst

Known expert in using Fibonacci ratios in trading rooms for hundreds of day/swing traders

Featured on "Off the Charts" segment of CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer

Author of Fibonacci Trading

Dennis Blitz
President of IRA Club

Author of 12 books on financial law and regulations including 7 textbooks on passing FINRA exams

Author of Money Making Ideas That Can Grow Your IRA or Solo 401k. 

Founder and President of the blitz school, the country’s first national school for securities professionals. 

Sold publishing company Dearborn financial to the Washington Post Organization

Certified Regulatory and Compliance professional 

Brandon Wendell
Chartered Market Technician Wealth Builders HQ 

Chartered Market Technician (CMT) expert on Futures, Forex, and Options

Guest on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, CNBC's Asia Cash Flow

Published in The Trader's Journal and Share Investor magazine

Featured on Tradestation podcast

Al Green
Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) 

Successful entrepreneur, trader and business consultant for the last 35 years

Consultant and advisor for wealth generation models: EA developers and traders

Holds one of the top client trading records in the Dow Futures market as a licensed CTA in return-to-drawdown ratio

David Warner
Lead Forex Instructor
Top Trading Pros 

FXCM Global Top Broker Award Winner

Staff Sergeant in US Air Force, Airman of the Year Recipient

Teaches balance of Fundamental + Technical analysis 

Scott Arden
CEO, Founder of Controllers Ltd.

Leading expert in Corporate Structure, Compliance, Asset Protection

He has advised thousands of business owners, sole proprietors, and investors directly, one-on-one.

National Speaker and Coach at many Business Development, Wealth Building/Preservation & Real Estate Investment conferences

Cofounder of Controllers, Ltd. which is a Strategic Planning & Compliance firm in Reno, Nevada

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Chairman & Founder, C-Suite Network

Business expert cited in Forbes, SUCCESS, Mashable, Marketing Week and Chief Executive (and more)

Featured guest on Bloomberg, MSNBC, and Fox Business. 

Former Bloomberg contributing editor and primetime host,  with numerous appearances as celebrity judge on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice 

Author of FOUR business best-sellers

Conference Agenda

Day 1

Live Trading REAL MONEY with 30x Trading Champion
Scalping Futures for a Richer Future
Options: The Swiss Army Knife of Trading
The Power of Using Your IRA 
Why Forex is the Best Place to Start Trading for Beginners
Keynote Speech
Cocktail Hour Party with Speakers (VIP Access Only)

Day 2

Live Trading Setups
How to Trade Other People's Money to Make Income
Proper Entity Structuring/Tax Benefits Most Investors Don't Know
Day Trading Options for Daily Passive Income
Automated Forex Profits
Hedge FUNDamentals
Award-winning Trading Strategies

Secure Your Encore Recording Today

Learn from Investment Experts as they share their wisdom, answer your questions, and even demonstrate their trading expertise.

October 2022 Encore Recording


Risk  Disclosure


*This is not an offering or the solicitation of an offer to purchase an interest in any investment vehicle. Any such offer or solicitation will only be made to qualified investors by means of an offering memorandum and only in those jurisdictions where permitted by law. The target returns set forth within all offerings may not be realized; actual results may differ materially from the stated goals. Prior to investing, investors must receive a prospectus, which contains important information regarding the investment objectives, risks, fees, and expenses of any funds and/or other investment opportunities.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  All investments involve risk, including the loss of principal.